Native of Vancouver, Canada,  Dominique is a multi-disciplined Graphic Designer living in Istanbul, Turkey, with a passion for all aspects of design (& strong coffee) including poster design, art and illustration, packaging design, and print work.  

Dominique’s designs are of abstract identity with a poetic expression.  They blur the boundry between the modern world and the past bringing a certain je ne sais quois to each design.   Her designs are used to elevante businesses and brands through unique and abstract visuals.

She believes that art should intricately reveal - through honesty and vulnerability - the core of who we are.   Dominique’s designs are a translation of her vibrant world.

Dominique Paris combines traditional graphic design elements with thought-provoking and utterly unique visuals to communicate stories through different mediums.

D o m i n i q  u e     P a r i s     D e s i g n           C o p y r i g h t   2 0 2  0            A l l   R i g h t s  R e s e r v e d.